Flyme 4.0.5A test firmware (MX3)

Meizu officially released Flyme 4.0.5 for the MX3 today.


  • The new third-party applications allow you to set the default SMS application
  • Optimize code bomb box
  • Once selected, a message appears top right corner of the complex casting mark


  • Increase popups remind save not add new contact name
  • Optimize Contact Search Rules
  • Add the function date when optimizing new contact


  • New Left slide right slide switch operation of the article
  • Optimize the comments show the way, you can see all the comments in the article below
  • Optimize the logic of the comment box. When the article declined to comment zone automatically appear when the comment box
  • Subscribe to interface to join the “Finish” button to complete after the subscription directly back to the “My Subscriptions”

Game Center application center

  • Increase the game packs entrance
  • New Applications tab, you can show the “official”, “quality”, “security”, “no advertising” tab in the application of such details page
  • Push the new message, you can push application centers operating activities, quality and other topics
  • New features like points for comment, was the opportunity to praise the most commented top display
  • Add in the “installed” batch uninstall application functionality
  • The new merger notification bar batch download, installation was successful
  • Optimization downloads display
  • Optimize the download manager, you can download the show and download tasks
  • Built-in applications can not update prompt repair downgrade to fail
  • Fixing part plug-in application errors cause problems Application Center inaccessible
  • Repair oversized fonts interface display error problem
  • Repair Download Manager interface displays error problem
  • Other known error repair problems


  • The new notification bar shows the progress of automatic backup
  • Automatic Backup Cloud Album logic optimization, adding a variety of conditions to trigger automatic backup, backup to enhance the overall efficiency
  • Support the library to hang backstage continue automatic backup
  • Cloud transparent display photo albums to be automatically backed up

Security Center

  • Security Center code refactoring to improve stability
  • Fix a key clean-up or garbage removal during the scan error problem
  • Optimize application before installation and cloud killing virus killing efficiency
  • Fix virus killing complete page types, filter locked zone file
  • Repair monthly traffic management issue date can not be cleared
  • repair permissions management for the first time into the application without data management issues
  • Repair sporadic flow units duplication
  • initiative to optimize the virus killing virus database update code
  • Virus database update logic optimization
  • Fixing traffic management application used in the absence of flow through the list of questions is not displayed
  • The number of trusted repair the application does not update
  • Optimized virus killing data collection
  • Optimized Security Center Home animation
  • Modify Security Center Home Score update in question
  • Picture message content reporting logic
  • Modify page load flow data delay problems
  • Send multiple issues calibration commands
  • Calibrated flow after repair
  • Repair an application access rights management permissions details screen, press the Home key to the desktop after uninstalling the application, the Security Center issues an error
  • Add a trusted virus killing modify the application to reduce the number of malicious files in question
  • Adjust the flow after the repair has been using the warning value becomes zero problems with the flow

User Center

  • Add Paypal latest plug-in support six mobile payment password
  • Recharge more than 100 yuan, an increase of the use of large recharge reminder
  • Add another account icon identified and partially hidden account information
  • New Root rights management, will enter the permissions settings interface after Root, root privileges can be managed for a single application


  • New theme installer, you can open the theme format files directly within the document
  • Add a message push system, Direct Push activity or promotional information
  • Optimize the theme details page slide area


  • Repair suspension window playback screen displays the proportion of the wrong question
  • Fix unlock play video will play from the beginning of the problem
  • Might create problems folders
  • Repair video downloads
  • Fix DLNA playback switch anthology invalid question

Input Method

  • New Candidate inertial sliding bar
  • Yen rich text expression

Flyme 4.0.5 (MX3)

Flyme 4.0.5 (MX3)

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These are good news… and i’ll install it right now…

I did a backup in my google drive through the avast mobile backup , but i only did a back up for photos and contacts…

And i did a backup for apps throught the automatic backup provided by meizu in the app center…
So now i just do a clear user data and clear SD and then i download the .bin file and do the upgrade?

I have a chinese version, m351 mx3 with flyme 3.8.5A…


You could also use Titanium Backup though or GoBackup.

There is no need to clear the SD. However, if you are afraid that it will wipe it, I could install the update first on my MX3.

And yes, I recommend to clear data.

so in the clean phone data section in setteings, i only have to do the Factory reset? not the format disk as well? i did believe that i had to do the format disk as well so that flyme 4 can work properly


No, you don’t get it actually :D

Let me try to explain it very easy.
Download the file onto your phone, then go into the Filemanager (Meizu one) and click on it.
A little window will pop up, where you can select to clear your user data.
Just tick the box and start the upgrade.

This will remove all your apps and data, but not your music, photos and etc. (SD card won’t be wiped).

ok i got that now… Can you tell me where i can have access to the apps that i uploaded through automatic back up ? provided in the app store…

Hello every body, could you precise me if this stable version support english language or than better for me, french, please ?

my meizu mx3 just crashed and it doesn’t do anything, for the 5 last minutes it’s just opened in this website and no buttons are working… i think i tried everything… what can i do?


Shut it down and use Volume Up + Power.

You will end up in the recovery.
Select “Clear Data” and start the upgrade process (even if you have no firmware at the root of the SD).


sure. Give me some minutes until I flashed and upgraded :)

the problem is that there isn’t any possible way to shut it down… i told you that no buttons work… :S is there any other possible way to shut it down through pc or something like that? actually it doesn’t even recognize it my computer… shall i smash it ? :P


No of course not. :D

It is a bit tricky now…
Hold the power button until the phone crashs (7-8s). And as soon as it turns black push Volume Up, but keep your finger on power. Wait 1-2s and release power button. You will probably need 2-3 times until you got it :)

French is fine by the way (from a non native speakers view).

What about Google Services? Installable with Google Installer (for MX3)?


Yes. BUT!!!
Use the Google Installer from the AppCenter. It is the version with the chinese name (1.4). It works instantly.

for those who upgraded…how did you backup? old story I know but I prefer asking if and how you could recover your backup (bad experiences with meizu backup)

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