Messenger popup chat icons can't be turned on

Hi. I’ve Just bought Mx6 And i need help. I am used to use pop up chat icons, but I can’t turn it on on my Meizu Mx6, because I literally can’t find where I can allow messenger to draw over other apps. Where I can switch it on? I hope it is possible because it is running on Android 6.0 so it should be. If I try turn it on on messenger itself it tries go to setting but nothing happens only short blink. Thank for every advice :( I really need pop-ups. And sorry for not the best English I am from Czech Republic.

Maybe you should try and open the messenger pop ups at the security app. It has many option there try and find it there. In my Meizu mx5 it was there.

Thanks, but nothing there. Mx6 probably does not have this option in settings :( I am sad :(

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