turn off holding "home" button lock

love my new phone but i dislike this feature when you hold the home button for a few seconds it tuns the screen off,

is there a way to disable this feature?

Meizu m3s

for flyme 6
Settings > Accesibiity >
There is “Hold Home Button” there choose to turn screen off (from @Vympel)


Hahaha that’s quiet interesting one want it back the other want to disable it awesome

i just got the phone and am on 5.2 i think, how do i update my note 5 to flyme 6? i really dislike this one feature after veing used to android 4.04 for so long

As I previously say , I personally remember that’s this option was also available in Flyme 5 don’t remember exactly the path though. Somewhere near accesibility or dev options (after root) probably.

If you want to upgrade you need to determine which version are you currently running (G - Global , A Chinese Y Yun OS )
Here you will find all the firmwares https://downloads.meizufans.eu
Download the one for your phone

  • Put the update on the root of your phone
  • Shutdown the phone
  • Press Power + Vol Up
  • Choose how to install update you keep all your data , Clear Data you lose all it does a fresh install.

In any case save the update already available on the root of your phone now for backup if new build have issue of draining battery or other bugs.

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Meizu Pro 6

The path is settings-accessibility but you can only change it to smart voice which in my opinion way more irritating.

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