Meizu Pro 6s Touchscreen not working properly

Hello to all Meizu fans! Did anyone experienced problem with touchscreen malfunction? Suddenly, bottom 1cm of touchscreen just stopped responding. Now, I’m not able to reply messages (because can’t pop-up keyboard to enter text). And a lot of options I can’t confirm, since confirmation button is at the bottom of screen.
I tried hard reset, didn’t helped at all. Problem still exists.
Do you have any idea why this may happen, and how to solve it?


@lumilanis Looks like a faulty touchscreen
What you can do is disconnecting battery and touchscreen and plug in maybe some connector are not in correctly otherwise
you’ll need to chance the touchscreen

@Vympel , thanks a lot for prompt reply. I was hoping that it’s not hardware malfunction, because my opinion was also that it’s faulty part. Do you know if Pro 6s has separate touchscreen, or it’s integrated with display?
I think because of 3D press option it is integrated, and most expensive solution to change…

@lumilanis It’s one piece but in your case it’s not the glass who is damaged but something deeper so you need to change de whole.
Also I don’t think 3d press etc change anything in the price it’s more about the type of panel here Super Amoled which are way more expensive than IPS.

I still recommend you to maybe open the phone and disconect everything and rebuild the whole maybe it’s some faulty connector or so … at least I hope.

If not I can recommend for their parts but they don’t have any screen for pro 6s(only for pro 6 In my humble opinion I think they are retrocompatible) ( I suggest to contact them by mail to ask them more concretly)
Or aliexpress but be careful with sellers they tend to send you used one.

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