Hello, i liked that feature that when u long press the home button of my meizu mx5 it locks the screen, after some updates and downgrades and fail updates the flyme 6 and again downgrade it to 5 etc etc etc, i lost that feature, i dont see the setting that enable that, can anyone help me about that, where to find it or something? thank you

Meizu m3s

You can try edit the binds with flyme tools, you will need xposed.
You can find the setting in flyme tool buttons -> Long Press -> YOUR DESIRED OPTION.
Remember to restart after setting it.

The most easy way is to do a factory reset on the phone.

@xrtc Settings > Accesibiity >
There is “Hold Home Button” there choose to turn screen off

Meizu m3s

@Xrtc please keep in mind that the settings @Vympel said is only available in flyme 6 not in flyme 5.

But i used to have that opion on flyme 5 also, for 1 year i used that feature, and now there is not on 5? only on 6?

@xrtc Search in settings should be there

i search, i couldnt find it, i search everywhere! where it is?

@xrtc I told you on flyme 6 is on settings > accesibility
on flyme 5 as long as I remember there was also the same options
Are you root ?

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