Flyme OS beta (m1 note)

There will be a Flyme for M1 Note based on greater Android version than 5?

no we stop at 5.1 unfortunately.

Please Ray bring the 3 g only option back please


@nicoroma90 the MediaTek chipset cannot handle it.

@Manish-Kumar, I am the wrong one to ask and actually you can switch to 3G only by opening the status bar and clicking a little beneath the Data icon.

before this update there was an option for 3g only but now there is only 3g first and my carrier doesn’t stick to 3g in 3g first mode i need 3g only. am asking you because you only release the updates i have been downloading updates from here like a year now.

GPS don’t work with my phone

Meizu m3s

Try reinstalling the firmware with cleardata or downgrading to preferred verison.

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