Flyme OS beta (m3 note)
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@Rey Sir why this update is not available for meizu m3 note?

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Meizu m3s

I think it is because they are working on the nougat firmware for this device.

Ok but sir do you know when they will release it for meizu m3 note
Any approx days?
And thank you

@æñkìť-ťíwãřî actually they are working to first release for Chinese beta tester only beta test registered persons only. that will taking minimum 3 months of time then flyme Team will release public beta (if that firmware is ready for public usable position). then will comes out stable version of A and G users my assumption is may be January for stable version,

@tbkarthic yes I agree but, I’m also in the Chinese beta tester updates. That’s why I asked.

@æñkìť-ťíwãřî ok is not for m3 note ( charm blue note3 ), no one have idea what is the next, and Chinese beta to be release on is July 31st for m3note.

Bro i download this update…but when i run .zip file m3 note restart failed to update this

@khalilshah where you download this update this update not released for m3 note

i have installed this update, but cant find playstore. plz help me to install google playstore.

This update work on your phone …?

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