MX4 mini

Hi folks,

I ve read some rumors about the Meizu MX4 Mini. Though only few websites released this news, I think it s worth a short thread to talk about it.

Few information about the specs but what we know so far is :

  • MediaTek MT6572
  • 5 inches screen
  • dual sim
  • price between 1000 and 1300 rmb
  • release date by the end of 2014That s it.

Anyone got other info ?

Source (french)
Source (english)

Meizu president said that there will be no other device in MX4 series so it will be not MX4. But Meizu still owes us two phones as promissed :)
I think it could be some low cost phone on MX3 chassis and maybe some phablet to challenge Xiaomi :)


I don’t think there will be any diffrent Meizu MX4’s.
At least HondaRacer hasn’t heard something about them internally at Meizu.

But lets wait and see. I actually think some still want a smaller device.

Though something is definitely going on …

And I don’t like either they call this MX4 mini. It sounds too cheap to get the “mx4” brand.
I wonder what kind of reports they are talking about.


JWong had said Meizu has 4 devices planned for the year. I would guess they will be brining out something to compete against Xiaomi in the lower end… Something to go against the Redmi series…

@GreyGhost I think Meizu meant Chinese New Year, not end of 2014.

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