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A few days ago, my MX4 simply stopped recognizing my SIM card. I did nothing to it and thought it was related to the update which I had not done yet. Later that day I updated to Flyme but nothing changed. When I click on “Cellular Networks” on the settings menu, everything in it is grayed-out. I literally can’t do anything there.

I tried using my SIM card on another phone and it works so it’s not that. I tried using another SIM card on my phone and it is still not recognized, so it’s my phone. I don’t know if it’s the SIM card socket or it’s the internal antenna that has gone bad. Any idea of what I could do?

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Meizu m3s

Please try to reinstall the firmware with cleardata enabled. Have you tried cleaning the sim card slot, maybe just dust on the connector.

Hey Scorpion, thank you for replying. You want me to download the installation file and do it manually? On this website, the provided firmware for the MX4 is older than the one I have installed. How should I do this, then?
As for cleaning the slots… I don’t really know how to do that, it’s so small. How could I clean inside without ruining the pins in there?

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Yea, ok. So I did all that, tried clieaning and tried reinstalling the firmware but nothing helps. Is there a meizu support in europe at all? I need to have it fixed

Meizu m3s

You can find all there support service here
Please be aware “The product is not internationally warranted, the maintenance center is only responsible for products that are sold by the official sales channel of its country/region.”

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