Blocked PRO 6

Hello. I have the Meizu PRO 6 with this new FW Flyme G While trying it, I managed to delete and block the phone remotely via SMS. It does not even restart, update, it has only some very limited settings. I can not sign in to the Flyme account or turn on the factory settings … I’m already quite desperate, please contact your mail at Thank you in advance.

Meizu m3s

What do you mean by delete and block the phone remotely?
Have you tried downgrading or reinstalling the firmware?
Is there any flyme account signed in? and is that account yours?
What do you see on the screen? (maybe a screenshot or photo will be nice)

Thanks for your reaction. That service is I think Find my phone. It’s new at When someone steals your phone or if you lose, you can delete sensitive files and block the phone. This is done via SMS from the web site (unfortunately I can not find it now). I sent the SMS here and the phone partially blocked. I can receive calls, call, but the menu has about one third of items, against normal status. Can not sign in to Google or Flyme account. I can not make a factory reset from the menu or the side buttons. I can not tell you more now because I phone my service. Telefo is still under warranty. I pray for it to relax. When I return, I will write here. Hello.

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