Some apps do not work on my M5

Hello, I have a Meizu M5, bought more or less in the month of January.
The mobile itself is fine, but there is a catch, and I want to contact you to see if you can solve it.
What happens is that in many widgets like in time, it says that I am in China and I can not see the time that it does in my town.
I also miss many apps like:
Instagram: When recording inside the app, it does not let me do zooms, and above the camera it looks super dark.
Pokemon GO: It does not let me start my account to play, and in other mobiles yes.
Snapchat: The same as in pokemon, does not let me log in and use the app.
That’s a few flaws on the mobil, it’s not mine, it’s my son’s, and what interests you is that, the apps, many of them do not work and have failures, so I contact you have to go through those apps, and Also the GPS that I do not know if it is badly located, that in the official GPS that comes with the mobil appears as that does not catch the signal that we are in Spain.
Well I hope answers to solve these failures.

Meizu m3s

App compatibility is a known issue, please try update to the latest version to insure better user performance. Check here for more firmwares
A clean update is recommended, please make sure you click the cleardata when installing new update.

@Scorpiony-Knifet How to install this firmware in my phone?

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