meizu m3s system upgrade error(recovery loop)

Hi everyone! My phone meizu m3s, automaticcaly turned into recovery mode(asking for update), and cause i deleted update zip from my phone, so i loaded it through computer, to “recovery” drive on my computer. So, after this, i press start, then I see that the process of upgrading is going right(<5 min) and when process finish, my phone restarts and it turns into recovery mode AGAIN!$%%$$%! I don’t know what’s the problem, but it maybe because of broken volume button(but i don’t see that it works, i mean button). Please, help!

Meizu m3s

Have you tried booting to the bootloader using volume down and power button to power on the device? If you are able to access the bootloader there should be no problem with your volume button. I suggest you use the cleardata option when installing the firmware. If that does not work try this to recover the device partitions.
This will work with the m3s with extracted image files from
If nothing works I advise you to try the Meizu service centre.

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