Blue flashing screen on my phone after I dont know how many updates and downgrades.

Can someone help me with this problem! I will put some pictureshere … if someone had that problem , please help me!

I had that problem once and I just fix it some how whit new upgrade, but now nothing works…now I tried install stable versions and beta versions, nothing work.

Last beta version I had was Flyme 6 - ver. but most of my programs had bugs. I tried to install older verson of Flyme 6, and Flyme 5 but everytime I had this problem on restart. Sorry, this is chinese phone and updates hawe A letter on the end. I have it 10 I think (beta, stable) and they worked until now.

5_1499367761651_20170706_090530.jpg 4_1499367761651_20170706_090450.jpg 3_1499367761651_20170706_090428.jpg 2_1499367761651_20170706_090407.jpg 1_1499367761651_20170706_090343.jpg 0_1499367761650_20170706_090320.jpg

I can restart phone whitout clearing data and after optimizing app 100 % and system booting the blue scren go flashing, and only thing I can do is restart again or turn off. But phone is working because in te morning i got message or email and white indicator on the phone was blinking. And I can view the phone files on my computer.

On pictures you can see that phone need some 4 digit pin to “clear data”.

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What, nobody had that kind of problem?
It looks like I can put my phone in trash…

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Meizu m3s

Maybe a custom rom might work. Never heard of a meizu unrecoverable through the stock recovery.
You should try unlocking the bootloader first.
Read here

Can someone please put a screenshot of files that are in Dovnload/Upgrade/ Firmware directory , or just write it from where and if I can download it (it’s a A version on the end).

I downloaded firmware and put it in Root dir. but I always get the message firmware not find.


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