Problem Camera Autofocus

I bought a Meizu M5 for my girlfriend two months ago.
at the beginning everything was ok, but after 5-6 days she noticed that the focus wasn’t working… we sent the phone to the warranty, but after one month the problem still here.

We tried a lot of camera apps, with no results… what do you think? It’s a HW or SW problem?

thank you for your help!

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if you mean with auto focus, dude, I’m experience same problem.
and here’s my result:

  1. you can try test shoot and test tiuch to auto focus the object yiu try to take. Wait untill the camera focus is fix (the green box) will appear, and when it appear it means the focus is succeed and you’re ready to take a photo.
    but if it always red box appear (it’s not focus on the object) try moving around the phone, slowly, and try to touch the screen to focus. Try it several times untill yiu got the green box. also try to move the camera to area with lot’s of lights and then go back to where the object stands. I’m doing some test and I got solution for it. The auto focus indeed has it’s own issues but finally it can be focus in the object (if you do what I had told). Try and make some test.

  2. try manual mode, and slide the manual sliding bar untill the camera focused on the object yiu want to take photo with. It’s the best option amongs auto mode, trust me and dosame test to see it by yourself.

The important thing yiu should remember is, M5 indeed hqs problem with focus/auto focus, and the flash does not help much aka it does not fix the problem.

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