No haptic response with keyboard?

Are you serious Meizu did not include a haptic keyboard response?! I can only find a haptic response for the… home button! So useless… Any workarounds for this?!

Also, if I delete Meizu’s default icons (e.g. Video), can I restore it later somehow? If so, how?

Is there any comprehensive Flyme 4 tutorial out there? If Flyme 4 is like this I can only imagine the first one:-/


1. Seems it doesn’t… Workaround install a 3rd party keyboard.
2. You can disable default icons by going into Settings - > customize - > flyme style icons.
3. These are a few tips for flyme 3… Most should still work. A few won’t :

P. S.: I personally find flyme a much better experience than stock/touchwiz. It has a few bugs though…

I think I like it more also :) probably because I’m upgrading from an iPhone haha

Thanks for the reply GreyGhost, though I did not mean that the design of the meizu icons annoyed me. I just wondered if I deleted any of the icons that came by default (such as Painter), if I could manage to put them back in my “desktop” in the future. I find Flyme’s customization options so very limited. For now I am keeping all default icons in a page of my phone just in case I cannot bring them back in the future…

Also, I am trying to avoid installing too much, especially things that affect the system directly, like a third party keyboard app. With all the bugs I am seeing… I wish I could actually rely on the (forced) OS imposed by meizu instead :-/.

Today I had another horrible experience. My battery (for the first time) was under 25%. I thought, no problem. In less than 10 minutes I see my phone shutting off due to lack of battery. I could not believe it… another huge bug. I let it drain completely to the point where I couldn’t turn it on anymore, then started charging. It’s charging now and I hope it will recalibrate the battery and bring it to a normal state… Is there anything else I could do? I’m running 4.0.3I.

If I manually install 4.0.4I, do I have a way of maintaining app data (games and so) without rooting? For now I think I am waiting to see it in the official meizu update app.

Oh and thanks for the Flyme 3 link, that should help a bit!


Oh you meant just the icon… The thing is flyme doesn’t have a separate app drawer than the homescreen… So only way you can get rid of them is rooting and removing them (i personally put anything i don’t use into a single folder on my last home screen)

Yeah I’ve heard of mx4 having a few battery calibration issues.
Ideally if you are not rooted then 4.0.4I should show up in the updates. (but i don’t have an mx4 so can’t confirm for you)

Installing swiftkey won’t affect your system as it installs as a 3rd party app. (though there is a bug where the cursor gets stuck if you move it to a previous point in sentence)

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