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Cool! Happy to be here!
My short story :P :
When I got my MX3 I was looking for an online community. The big android forums like xda and androidcentral didn’t seem to have much with regards to Meizu.
I came across the official Meizu forum which didn’t seem too active (except a couple of members) and Meizume which seemed to have been very active at a point of time but pretty deserted when I got there (it was completely gone last I checked)
Then I found Meizufans.eu which was a small community at that time. But people like HR and AOKP were very friendly and helpful and now I love it here :D



hehe. We are glad you like it here ;)
However in the future time HondaRacer will be a bit absent, because of his intern ship at Meizu.

I hope you can stand the time with me °~°

Internship at Meizu!? Cool!!! For what degree is this for? :D I ask this since I am a student too in Aus and start my internship today :P :D


If I got it right HondaRacer is studying International Business (god only knows). I don’t know very well actually. But you can ask him if you want :D

Haha @AOKP thanks for the reply :) It’s alright~

Awesome :)

My story is pretty same with @greyghost 's…

I am also very jealous of HR

@durmusinho who knows your time will come ;)

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