Meizu devices to get Nougat

Here are the lucky winners.

  • Pro 6
  • Pro 6 Plus
  • Pro 6 S
  • Pro 5
  • MX6
  • M5 Note
  • M3 Note
  • M3 Max

Other devices might be coming in the future but for the moment only those 8 are getting updated to Nougat (7.0)
Actually it’s in beta test it should be coming for the next week.

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Meizu m3s

For anyone interested, the first update comes at July 10th

Meizu Pro 6

There are three batches: first in 10, second in 17, third in 31 of july. Saw a list of the devices getting nougat in every batch but i can’t find it now.

Where did you get this info? I can’t find anywhere. Devs said they will add nougat features on 5.1 and 6.0 in Flyme OS.

@Mihnea_Perianu Official chinese forum Here
You will need a translator though.

That is great news indeed. Thx for info.

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