Some Latin letters in browsers (both built in and opera ) not showing, help!

Hi everyone! I recently bought Meizu M3 Note and I really like it but there’s one problem I’m facing right now. I’m from Azerbaijan so we have these specific letters in our alphabet such as: ə, ç, ü, ö , ə, ç, ü, ö . I have them on keyboard input but while browsing some websites (I tried both built in browser and Opera) these letters are missing/ won’t appear. For example, you may visit this site or to check if you’re having the same issue.
On other android devices I never faced such problem ( I had even older versions of Sony or Asus).
Does this have anything to do with the font? I rooted my device so I can change system fonts, if it helps. Please help me fix this!
Thanks in advance!


As you sent me an email, here I am :D
So the reason for this might indeed be the font. Many font types (can be seen on Windows, Linux or Mac) simply do not support these “special” characters. On Windows for example these are located in a “charmap” (character map).

Cutting it short - yes, try a different font.

Thank you for your reply) I’m facing another problem now :( I can’t set up APN for mobile network. “Set up APN” simply doesn’t open no matter how much i press. Any thoughts? 🙁

Meizu m3s

I do not see the button that say “Set up APN” please give us a screenshot of where your pressing from. To setup APN Settings -> SIMs and network -> APNs -> Add APN ->
It should be same in flyme 5 and 6.

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