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mx5 screen broken

Suddendly my mx5 screen fell broken…first a green line, than all went black.
Apparently Meizu France makes the guarantee work…

-is there a way to wipe all without the screen?
-if the phone cannot be repaired…what’s next? honestly I’m a bit fed up with meizu and their poor support but their phones remain quite cheap and make a decent work


@plutus unfortunately you still need to use the screen to wipe the device.
And in case Meizu France fails repairing it, you could just buy a cheap replacement on AliExpress. It might take some time to arrive, but is still way cheaper than having it repaired in France.

P.S.: There were horror stories about the repair service in France, just that you are informed.

not very reassuring…the first contact with the French repair service was positive, now I just sent them the phone…
what you mean by “cheap”?

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