mx5 screen broken

Suddendly my mx5 screen fell broken…first a green line, than all went black.
Apparently Meizu France makes the guarantee work…

-is there a way to wipe all without the screen?
-if the phone cannot be repaired…what’s next? honestly I’m a bit fed up with meizu and their poor support but their phones remain quite cheap and make a decent work


@plutus unfortunately you still need to use the screen to wipe the device.
And in case Meizu France fails repairing it, you could just buy a cheap replacement on AliExpress. It might take some time to arrive, but is still way cheaper than having it repaired in France.

P.S.: There were horror stories about the repair service in France, just that you are informed.

not very reassuring…the first contact with the French repair service was positive, now I just sent them the phone…
what you mean by “cheap”?

Meizu m3s

AliExpress is one of the cheapest places to buy parts for many mobile phones. But due to their very slow delivery service I wouldn’t recommend them. Good luck getting your phone repaired.

the point is if it’s worth buying a new screen for a 1.5yo phone…anyway, let’s hope the servicing works.
The phone is now arrived to “Cordon Electronics”: apparently is a kinda hit-and-miss, they repair phone for other brands (HTC for example) and you can find a number of negative comments on the net. However, I guess they repair hundreds of phones…

Wait and see, I’ll keep you all up-to-date

Hi all,
I got back my phone this morning, everything is fine! quite impressed, I was promised my phone back by this Friday and that’s the case.

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