Found unknow Flyme account on my phone and I'm unable to logout

Hi to All,
I have bought in december an M3 note from MEIZUMART that is the online official reseller for Italy.
I used it until now using my Google account.
Checking the account I noticed that there is also a Flyme account “utente5201301476” that I never created.
I can use the phone without issue, but the fact to have it logged in with a completely unknow and locked account it is not too pleasant.
I dont’know if this account was already present when I bought the phone (that I bought as new) or if it is possible that it was created by mistake by a children of 5 year (there are no checks in account creation?).
This account result tied to my phone number.
I’m unable to logout from this account because I don’t know the password.
I can’t follow the procedure for password recovery because it ask me two secret question.

I have the receipt of the purchase of the phone, the order number of the purchase from MEIZUMART, the product IMEI numbers, the S/N.

I asked to the shop support and they answered me that it is necessary to reprogram my phone at the cost of 45€ + shipping fees.
I was not expecting this kind of response from an official MEIZU reseller.

Did you know where I can request to reset the account?

Thanks in Advance


Congrats, Meizu Italy just sold you a used phone.

Only Meizu can unlock it, therefore write Meizu Italy and ask them to either unlock or replace the device.
If they refuse like in your case, you should open a dispute or anything similar depending on the payment method you used.
Not much you can do on your own without voiding the warranty.

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