battery rly bad HEEEELP:/

battery drain soo fast :/ i have global miezu m5 its rly bad how i fix it (even in standby battery drains more than 50% while sleeping) and can i update to flyme 6 ???

Meizu m3s

Yes, you can try updating to flyme 6. Just remember to cleardata to get the best performance out of it. You can find firmwares here
Draining is usually caused by apps running in background
Please check what is using your battery through Settings -> Battery -> Ranking.
If none of these work it is likely a battery problem and you either need to recalibrate the battery (charge to 100% and drain multiple of times) or get a battery replacement.

thanks for reply bro i did all of thise recalibrate and flash flyme 5 when the problem still and i find the problem on Settings -> Battery -> Ranking. cell standby drained all battery… i cant fix it and i buy thise phone for 1 week only how thise happend ?? (when u say updating to flyme 6 how ?? because i have global meizu m5 model m611h with flyme if i can update tell me how pls and thanks (soory for my bad english)

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