App data backup/transfer. Helium doesn't work!

Dear friends,

I just got today my MX4 and I’m really excited to start using it. However… I have to say I was very disappointed to not have Helium work so I could back up my app data from my old phone (Samsung Galaxy S).

The Helium desktop app just won’t recognize my MX4 (the green tick does not show) and so I cannot run Helium on my MX4. I don’t really know why that is, but when I plug my MX4 on the pc, it shows three “drivers(?)” installing. Two install correctly but one doesn’t. This one is called “MX4”. I can still access files inside the phone but Helium won’t “see” it. I’m using windows 7-64.

Can anyone help me out with this?! I just want to back up my games data (Candy Crush level 717!). And I really do not want to connect my candy crush to facebook for synching because that removes the “booster wheel” once I desynch from it.

I appreciate any attempts! I’ve been at this all day with no luck! It seems Helium is the only app to backup app data…

Titanium backup works I believe

I’ve never got Helium to work, not even rooted. Even if it starts up it won’t backup, I’ll say that Android Backup on this phone somehow is broken. If you get I working please tell. As said, titanium is what’s working here, but you have to be rooted.

Yea, exactly. I am avoiding rooting my phone. At least for now. If I root it, will I still be able to update Flyme without a hitch? I worry because Meizu are not actually happy to have people rooting…

In any case, I managed to fix my Candy Crush problem after 13 hours. It took me 3 minutes. I just decided to connect to facebook afterall. It had gone wrong for my gf before and many other people, but I was fed up so I did it anyway. I had it synced, then installed CC on my MX4, then synced to facebook and unsycned once my level was up to date. It worked flawlessly, but this only worked because CC provided this facebook link, there is still no app alternative.

Unfortunately we’re gonna have to make do without Helium, us non-rooted users :-/

It’s meizus own method, it’s built in, do I can’t see any problems with it. I have reinstalled thus phone at least 10 times without a computer going between different firmwares, so root is not a problem in it self.

You can check this Backup service provided by CloudBacko. I use CloudBacko( CloudBacko is accomplished in combining free cloud storage available from Google Drive, One Drive backup and Drop box into a single large storage. It supports majorly Windows, Mac, Linux ,etc.

What has this to do with Android backup? Can you save app data from a unrooted Android phone with this?

@‘zztop007’ said:

It’s meizus own method, it’s built in, do I can’t see any problems with it. I have reinstalled thus phone at least 10 times without a computer going between different firmwares, so root is not a problem in it self.

So do you mean the factory reset option? I am new to Flyme and I must say I am not loving it at all…

I also have some problems with helium but then my friends recommend me using Android app manager tool, with it, I can backup, install and uninstall apps on computer.

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For App settings and Data and system setting (one or both or all)… Root your old Phone… get Titanium backup… backup up your apps and settings and data… a special file will be made on your SD card in the Titanium Backup folder… transfer ALL contents of the Titanium backup folder (simply copy/paste the main titanium folder) to your new phones SD card… now root your new phone… redownload Titanium… restore app/settings/data…

Other backup app like Mobiledic Android manger program ( ), which can backup and restore Android data to computer.

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I am using a free app called MobileGo. It is great for data backup. You can backup the app data according to your own needs.

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The android device data transfer was a long question, i think it’s very convenient to use a mobile phone file transfer and backup app to help. Try Coolmuster Android Assistant, just few simple steps to transfer everything from your phone to computer.

I know a special designed android data backup app could transfer everything from your phone to computer, and you don’t need to root your phone.

About App data backup/transfer, actually we can use phone data manager tool. With its help, we can directly transfer, backup & manage data on your meizu phone from computer via usb cable.

From my understanding, many backup apps require the phone being rooted to make a complete backup. However, it is impossible for the new Android phones as no rooting method is available. So in this case, TunesBro Android Manager comes into help for data backup, such as text messages, contacts as well as other files.
For example:

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