Flyme OS beta (m3 note)

dear friends:
meizu m3 note will automatically turned on volte. but its currently volte not in global version i am using Chinese beta, and it support volte for jio.
follow steps:
1.use jio sim
2.put in second slot (sim 2)
3.ims apn setting (search in flyme forum)
4.turn on volte in sim & network setting
5.when you turn off mobile
must you disable jio sim ( sim 2)
6.turned on mobile then enable jio sim ( sim2)

if still not comes hd icon switch data for other sim and return back to jio then volte automatically comes
no need to go engineering mode

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I am using flyme os it is no support to all apps like photo layers and also volte is not support please suggest me an idea

Meizu m3s

@Naveen-Kuppala please read @tbkarthic post.
What do you mean by “no support to all apps”? Does it simply not run or gives you a ‘unsupported’ messsage?

Battery drainage problem.
When my battery comes to 15% it starts draining and within 10-15 seconds my phone gets switch off or when I plug the charger into my phone it get switch offed.
So please solve this.

Not suport volte sala bekar service hai meizu ka

Meizu m3s

@Æñkìť-Ťíwãřî Please try recalibrating the battery.
Charge your phone to 100% then discharge battery.
Do this multiple of times.
If this does not work, I would suggest you to downgrade or reinstall the update with cleardata.

@nilesh373 do you followed my steps? and which version your using? i am using this version (Chinese beta). working fine for me

Why is there no Meizu m3 note download in the link?

I had followed what you said but the same problem I’m facing. Now the battery doesn’t last long when it comes to 23% and if I apply the charger it get switched off. And when I try to turn it on without applying the charger it indicates zero battery. But when I switch on by applying the charger I get the battery on 20-19%. This is happening since I had updated this update. So help me.

Hi friends,

Just because of volte I am using this firmware but facing some issue

1-Battery draining fast.
2-App opening speed is very slow
3-Whats up taking too much time for new msg .
4-Data uses is very fast as compared to global firmware .
5-Device performance is slow like -Keyboard opening ,app opening call UI taking time to after click on any number.

I have updated after data cleaning and fresh update .

Please suggest if anyone have solution for anything.


dear friend
i am using this firmware is have battery drain issue but not like your saying, and speed is not issue, all are works fine, do one thing first re download same version and stable Chinese version first update stable version with clear data then finish startup configurations, then install with clear data then check and reply

@tbkarthic Phone has heating and battery draning issue…

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