Best bug free stable update

I want the only best bug free update guys. What is your suggestions on this? Flyme 6 firmwares are so slow. I’m on right now. It’s responses so slow. I used and and also G updates. They have GPS locking problems and DND mode doesn’t mute media sound. Sth like that.

So i want to use one solid bugless firmware.

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Unfortunately its hard to find the “one” firmware which works flawlessly.

Flyme OS is a relatively buggy system itself, having issues with RAM management (notifications) and a lot of 3rd party apps, due to its heavy internal changes.

However, from what I have learnt, it seems that Meizu devices work best with their initial firmware (e.g. MX3 with Flyme 3, MX4 with Flyme 4). So you could try that.

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