Where to buy MX5 charger?

I lost my stock charger and used a random charger on the house. Did it actually harm the battery and where could I buy a new charger ( with the quick charge if possible)
Also I searched on Aliexpress and I found some chargers that have a quick charge but I’m not sure which to buy and they ship it for 2 months to my country :/

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No worries, a different charger will not harm your battery. The phone regualtes the charging speed by itself (done by the battery controller).

If you want to be savy and can wait go for AliExpress, otherwise you should check Amazon or any other retailer.
All what matters is that the new chargers has 2A & 12V, which means it is a speed charger.

I personally got a couple of products from UGREEN and can recommend them. They seem to have a solid build quality.

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