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Edit: i retyped the whole thing(more like copypasted and corrected some obviously bad grammar from the email i sent to meizu) to be more “formal” and readable/understandable since i wrote the other one in a big hurry.

Proper punctuation might be still missing, soz.(and possible minor grammar mistakes)

I recently acquired (not bought, for how i got it, keep reading) a meizu m2 (not NOTE, just the normal one that i’ve seen be sometimes called “mini”). My friend’s mother works at a hotel and apparently their policy there is if an employee finds something “lost” he can take it home after 7 days if no one comes to pick it up. So there was this Asian person staying at their hotel and i was told he left his phone(the device i got) when he left, and then didnt come back for it after the 7 day period so she took it and gave it to her son ( my friend ), he however has a better phone than me and he knows i have a really bad one right now so he gave the meizu m2 to me. Surprisingly the phone had no password/pattern/pin or any kind of lock, AND it didn’t have a sim card, it only had a 2gb sd card which made it look like he left it on purpose. Before giving it to me, my friend says he factory reset it because it had a lot of weird things and mostly asian pornographic material but when he gave it to me i did factory reset it once more and wiped the sd card aswell which only had a few screenshots. After my reset , some (presumably) chinese apps showed up (which is weird since when i picked it up from my friend who said he also reset it it barely had any apps) and i looked around the settings to find the version of the OS and after looking it up on the internet i understood its the chinese (Y) version (and an old one, 4.5something which was only android 5) so i went to the official flyme website and download 5.something version for the phone, G (global) version but when i put it on the phone and tried to run it it said something like files not found or files not receivable ( i dont remember exactly) so i looked my problem up and found out that since the phone is chinese it can only take chinese OS (PRESUMABLY, aka my problem might be somethign else but i could normally download Y firmware) unless i change one little thing with a file and rooting it, and at the same time i found out that for a root i need just a flyme account so i created one but when i tried to login to root it and change to the global version it says “You have not logged out as 131****9202. To use another Meizu account, please log out properly first.” , which is weird since whatever account was there is already logged out since i can try to login. That was a big bummer, REALLY big so i gave up but i funnily found out about flyme 6 which apparently is based on android 7 (Really excited) so i dug around the forums downloaded whatever i found , the “latest” version didnt work (checking failed somehow) so i downloaded a “stable” (according to forum post) version and it worked , but again its Y (the forum didn’t have a selection other than Y for the stable version i think, which is weird ,so it means i would have to go with 5 if i could root but 5 is still better than what i already have, plus i am afraid someone could spy on me if its somehow already logged in without showing it even after factory reset. But i see the newest beta version is G (but stable isn’t, lol ) so i would probably use that unless i found problems then i would go to the latest 5 version). Now my question is why does it say there is an account logged in even after restart,i am abit scared because i just wanted to install the latest global version with google stuff and everything english so i can use it as a new phone even if its a bit dirty and the camera glass is gone.

ps: i cant scroll through forum categories unless i open the tab on only half hte screen(looks like on mobile phone) and can this stop telling me to disable adblock ,i’ve excluded the domain it still tells me its on , i even paused adblock and it still shows the warning

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The numbers shown are the original user’s phone number that he used to register. You cannot reset the phone completely without the password of the original flyme account. The only official method is through meizu service centre but you will need proof of purchase. Another method is to use the mrt dongle and software (unknown success rate). I would not recommend buying a mrt dongle just for this but here it is


@Timothy_S, we do not provide support for devices which weren’t purchased. Furthermore you do not even own the device in any legal way (if the person comes back for his phone, you need to return it).
You cannot remove the bind nor can you upgrade to a newer Android version as this is related to FlymeOS.

A global firmware will not work either unless you unlock the phone. Reading our Wiki might help with that.

Nonetheless, I want to underline again that we will not help with ANY questions related to bypassing security mechanisms of the device.

About the bugs - I tested the forum on dozens of browsers. Its true that the Anti-AdBlock appears on mobile sometimes, but after you click reload it will work. On PC, I haven’t been able to reproduce any issues.

Re-read my original post i edited it.

  • @Rey yea its on pc for me but doesnt matter (basically i have to reload every new page i go to even if its completely paused AND the domain is excluded ) and about the categories i meant to say that when i create a post the categories aren’t scrollable unless i resize the window to half of my screen which also makes the website look abit “mobile (friendly)” and they overlap with other text.
  • Heck yes if the person comes back for it i am giving it but wouldn’t anyone be able to help in this situation? the guy probably left (i mean send him an sms/email or something to contact me here or something) the COUNTRY and he left the phone without a SIM or password/pin/pattern, the camera glass is broke, it (was, still is but not cleanable) dirty . So are you telling me considering all that the phone is basically useless for me? i’d have to sell it but i would feel bad for the next person experiencing the same problem with me.
  • Seriously, though i know you aren’t in charge of any of this (unless you are, which then again i still dont want to insult you as a person) , no offence but which company does this? just locking away the phone like that even in this situations,in the weirdest way aswell (no apparent account is logged in but it secretly is even after wiping, account to some kind of company community or something, idontknow) most people have to use apps for this because what if you even find it randomly on the street or in the trash and the original owner doesnt want it, or as many people do just sell it without a receipt to a friend/relative/random person (aka no proof of purchase)?
  • Oh and yes i read many things (but no wiki in particular?) (unless this is hte wiki: ) and to unlock the phone i need to root which means i need the account .
  • (Considering hte only reason i need a meizu account is to unlock the phone , IF i did somehow do it without logging out of the existing one (which isn’t even logged in for gods sake) and i use the phone normally with my sim and everything set up would the tourist still be able to somehow spy on me or steal my data?)
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Many apps’ userdata are backup through the flyme account, it includes contacts, notes and etc. If the original owner had another phone running flyme he can easily access your data by syncing through the internet (consider this as a warning). The original can also lock the phone through the meizu phone finder app in the playstore/app market (unlikely but may happen). There is not much you can do without rooting the phone.

Sadly, flyme 6 for the m2 mini is not based on nougat (still lollipop 5.1). I don’t think they will update the base version for the phone any time soon.

admin dude still not replying, thanks @Scorpiony-Knifet , i guess even though the original owner doesn’t want the phone i can’t use it . (cant they send him an email/sms asking him if he wants to release the phone? otherwise he can come pick it up)

edit: i mean i searched around and i see if he had logged in using email and not phone i would be able to see the email and i could contact him myself about this issue . But for some reason it doesn’t show the phone number(privacy and all but if it doesnt show the phone number why show emails then?), almsot feels like they dont want us to find original phone owners.

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