High temperature?

I recently bought a meizu m5 and I have a small problem to submit. Is it normal to get very hot at the top of the device? I come from an old second-generation motorola moto g, and there, the temperature has always been around 28 degrees. With meizu, however, it’s always around 33, never falling below 30, until it reaches a peak of 39 while downloading the application or set (I’ve just received today, so I’m applying all the applications) levels that with The Motorola only touched when I used it in 3g in the sun. It’s normal?

Meizu m3s

It isn’t that normal if your temps are high all the time. Does your phone drain battery very fast? Try changing the power options to something more energy efficient.


While I agree with @Scorpiony-Knifet, its very unusual that a device heats up that much during a simple task like downloading.
The reason can either be damaged hardware or a software bug.

What I would try first is to reflash the firmware with a wipe. Usually this will solve any software related issues. If this still doesn’t helps its likely to be a hardware one.

dude, I had the same problems.
first thing I suspect it because I use 4G/LTE connections while downloading, update my apps and play HD games in a row, with location enabled.
then, when I just play some video file, only do watching video file, in airplane mode, the heat problems still exist.
i try using Clean Master and CM Security app to boost/cool down my gadget, but it did not hrlp that much. so I go to power setting option and make some asjustment there, and voila, the heat was not so heat like before.

So dude, you should do some adjustment on power setting.

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