MX4 Pro. Still worth buying in 2017

Hi guys, where i live there is a place selling the mx4 pro at $310 brand new. I live in a country where the normal prices of the smartphones are insane, like $555 for a Galaxy S7 and $680 for a LG G6 32GB. There’s other Meizu phones too, like the MX6 for $460, the PRO 5 for $585 and the PRO 6 PLUS for $680. Look at those prices, the MX4 PRO looks like a great deal. And i really want a good smartphone to listen to music. For reference, the normal MX4 here is $250.

I have MX4pro 2,5year and its work perfect. Sound is great, displey also great 2k. Battery just for one day,but most modern phone has same problem.

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Keep in mind that the MX4 Pro is almost 3 years old. While it should still run fine, I think that it depends a lot on your budget.
If you can afford a more expensive phone and plan on keeping it for a longer time I would go for a S7 or G6. However, if you want to change devices after a year or two and are afraid of breaking it/having it stolen, I would pick a cheap one like the MX4 Pro.

I don’t really see the point for now to invest in much more than the Mx4 Pro.

Specs won’t be outrun by any app or game around, it features front fingerprint and sd card reading, display is superb, camera could be better, but good for occasional photos, and Flyme got stabler and less buggy.

Now about that prince, I’m pretty sure you can find a better deal online. I’m European and I bought mine in the end of 2015, got a deal below $150 at Meizusale, shipping included.

Good luck!

Noooo don’t buy it it’s almost 3 years old overheating too much poor hardware don’t buy it at all, i suggest M5 Note or m3 note , Best Luck

Meizu MX4 Pro

Buy everything but not the mx4 pro. 300 bucks for a 3 y/o meizu device is hilarious! I chose the Xperia X also for arround 300€ and i dont regret it until now. (I prefer smaller Smartphones). Flyme has always Been and will probably always be buggy as hell. About some weeks ago, i got the Android 7.1.1 update for the Xperia. now compare with flyme 6 which is Shit and is still running in a fucking 2½ y/o Android Version!

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Wrong, wrong and wrong.

Mx4 Pro goes around $150 average (bought mine even cheaper with shipping included). Unbeatable price for a phone almost up-to-date in comparison with others.
Xperia would be the last of the choices, unless you want a full locked bootloader with unremovable sony shitware, making your phone lag into oblivion like the many I see. Let alone, rooting it can be a nightmare and it’s raging price of 400/600€ (a good device with a pathetic price).
Flyme the same or less bugs than any other stock android package out there, the rest is just bullshit weak users make up to justify their ignorance.

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