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Hey guys me again :)

I would love to know if someone could guide to the process I would need to do in order to transfer my notes from one of my phones to another.

The notes are on my chinese flyme 6 m2 note. I would like to transfer these to my m5 note international flyme 5 phone.

I have located the com.meizu.notepaper folder which seems to hold the notes and the relavant files. Zipping this and transfering to the meizu 5 doesnt work.

I wouldve liked the sync option but the internatinal version of the app is lacking basic syns functions (anyone has a link to the chinese version with the sync capacity for the international firmware?)

So, I have tried one thing and now am out of ideas ;)

Apart from emailing each note one by one, is there a way for me to do it all in one go?


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Usually the notes are synced automatically over Flyme.
However, as you found out already the Global firmware doesn’t supports this.

Unfortunately you cannot transfer them all in one, but creating a .txt file for each note with a file explorer like ES, could help.

Yep. I ended up sending the notes via bluetooth.

The problem was that the html viewer and the browser doesnt respect the formatting of the notes.

Example. A note looking like this

-item 1
-item 2
-item 3

ended up looking like this
-item1 -item2 -item .

I had another option to open the note with the viewer that comes with es explorer. To my surprise, this one adhered to the formatting. This made it easy for me to copy and paste it the way it was on the phone it was being copied from.

Thought I’d share my findings for the sanity of others.

Thanks for the help

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