Happy owner of the Meizu pro 6 plus 128GB version

Hello everyone!
Since one week I own a new Meizu pro 6 plus 128GB version, gray/black, Flyme
It comes with G firmware and I changed to A for advantages of more frequent updates.
I have one Meizu pro 5 32GB version too, now property of my wife.
Here some end user impressions in comparison with Pro 5:

  • build and screen is great, a plus over pro 5,
  • performance and user experience is over pro 5,
  • fingerprint is faster and more accurate,
  • camera is faster, better in good light but less in low light, OIS is done good job with video recording, over Pro 5.
  • I feel little heating with voice call, mobile networking and bluetooth use.
  • I think battery is draining faster than pro 5, about a full day of low/medium use, calling, browsing, YouTube, wattsap and no games,
    Here some benchmarks:
  • Antutu - 132955,
  • Pcmark work2.0 - 5262,
  • Basemark OS II - overall 2472, system 3729, memory 2686, graphics 4265, web 847,
  • Geekbench4 - single core 1919, multi core 5488.
    I choose it over the OP 3T and I don’t regret a thing,
    Overall I think is worth upgrading over Pro 5.
    I will come with updates after more tests/firmwares.
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First of all welcome @mits (first time I see you here ;)).
While I find it great to always have new members, who enjoy their phones I also have to slow you down a little :D

Congrats to your device first of all. The Pro 6 Plus offers indeed a great hardware, which makes it truely deserve to be called a Pro-Series device. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t put my focus too much on benchmarks, which are known to be faked (OnePlus has been caught as well).

Nevermind, enjoy your Pro 6 Plus and your stay here on the forum.

Keep us updated about your experiences.


  • No more heating/battery drain.
    I think was Antutu that is running in background somehow, so I unninstall it and problems are gone.
    Now I am more than happy.
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@mits Welcome to the Pro 6 Plus family Hahah and to the forums aswell :D

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