Snapchat isnt working

Hello there ;)
I cant login into my snapchat anymore and its VERY upsetting. I literally tried every solution I could find on the internet. It always says something like :
“Oh no! Your login temporarily failed, so please try again later. If your login continues to fail, please visit”…

I just DOnT UNdERSTanD.

I dont have a rooted device, I dont have a third party app or anything else, really.

I tried to get a newer snapchat version, a newer flyme version and nothing worked. Oh, I also applied for the beta snapchat, no difference.

Does anyone have some extra adivce? Thanks in advance…


Hey there @Annapuuuuu.

If you are fine I will skip my english reply and move to my German one.

Will move the topic later.

Bevor ich mir das genauer anschauen kann. Welche Firmware nutzt du aktuell? Mal versucht die App neu zu installieren und seit wann tritt das Problem auf?

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