Problem update m3 max

I have a problem with my m3 max. I cannot update it in no way, and proven discharging the zip update and open from the scanner of files, he/she opens up window of confirmation and the telephone it is restarted without update anything. If I prove of making a factory reset, the telephone is usually restarted and there are not changes. If I try to enter to the recovery (vol up + power), the telephone restarts without entering the recovery (I have the stock recovery of it manufactures), the same thing if I make it with the connected telephone to the pc, a window should go out with portfolio recovery, but it doesn’t leave anything.
I should say that connected the mobil to the computer recognizes it to me perfectly. As a lot and achieved to consent to the phone from adb and fastboot, but without being able to unblock the boot.
Some idea?.
Thank you and sorry for my English.

Meizu m3s

Sound like a corrupted recovery. Please try to reinstall recovery.img using root. If recommend using flashfly (root) from the app store. I cannot find the stock recovery for the m3 max, but try this!61hk1JRb!ap0QzdA9H9Fc0d_j0qTtc2YI1JgufWSQ6tb-xVE6DII from m3 note (same soc, mtk 6755)

Thank you.
And discharged and installed the recovery that you have put me with flashify and the program tells me that this installed correctly. If I try to start up in way recovery he/she doesn’t enter. I believe that the problem is that I have the closed bootloader and he/she should open it. Him and attempted with adb tools and fastboot and he/she tells me refused access."

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