GMS installer isn't working

I’ve posted this on the official flyme forum but had no luck. Wondering if someone here cam help me

Hey there,

I’ve been having major problems with getting google services installed on this device. The frustration comes with the included google installer in the hot apps app. If I try to install the packages provided; the phone randomly reboots, crashes, stops critical system processes etc.

I thought I fixed the problem when I found an installer meant for xioami phones as it used older versions of the components. Alas, this too exhibits the same annoying problems.

I have cleared, reflashed, upgraded numerous times. I believe I have isolated the problem down to the google services framework.

My phone is MH621H that came with the global rom. I do not suspect the reseller has tampered with converting the phone from the Chinese rom. All the numbers check out.

I have exhausted all methods even trying to download pico packages for the core android services but have been weary as this requires me to unlock the boot loader which I am reluctant in doing.

My two previous meizu phones (m1 metal and m2 note) work as expected with the google services. They are both Chinese versions and are on android 5. I’m thinking the app isn’t updated for android 6

Is there anyone out there with a global m5 note that has google running in a stable manner? Android without google is pretty much useless.

Does anyone else have this problem? Also if someone that has this phone and their gGoogle services work. Can you please link to the installer you used or possibly tell me the versions of the services

Thank you

Try installing Aptoide it’s an alternative market and try installing all googles related apps from there.
Or try an older version!ptExmZZI!JAjQtlc9-Pe5c3e93U69dmlxcfinbr5z2PGFaaXk6uo

@Vympel thank you. I can almost kiss you. I’ve tried other versions but never thought to go as low as the version you have posted on here

Thanks to everybody for their help. I was disapointed in the help (more specifically the lack of) I got from the official forum. I’m including the version numbers for people who also have the same problem

0_1496649470201_Google services.jpg0

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Meizu m3s

Thanks for sharing, love the 6 percent battery on every screenshot ~ xD.

@Scorpiony-Knifet Judging by how evil Meizu can be, a few more 6’s might be in order.

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