Flyme OS stable (m1 metal)

How to install the Update zip on my Meizu M1 Metal…?

Meizu Pro 6

@Nani666 as i assume the update zip is on your phone just search for it in the file explorer. If it won’t have the option to update just transfer it to the root directory of your phone.

@zoroflamingo thanks for the reply… I know where the update zip is on my phone… I’ve transferred it to the root directory…

So what next…? How exactly do I install the Update ?

Meizu Pro 6

@nani666 Just press on the file. It suppose to have a window with two options: update and cancel. Just press update.

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@zoroflamingo alright. … Thanks 👍🏽

We ever gonna get Marshmallow ? 😕

Meizu m3s

I don’t think it would happen any time soon. Meizu development team doesn’t have any current plans on updating the base system for older devices.

Jest możliwość otrzymania starszej wersji

Worst stable version ever. Can’t update via OTA with beta version.

Thanks very much!

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