Meizu launches Meizu Germany and Meizu Taiwan

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Great work, but let’s be honest - I think they should set their foot in the Americas first… Not that expanding to Europe was bad in any way, though! ;)

Well, nice to hear that they launched a shop in Germany now, but I want to know the prices and estimated dates of their first deliveries to know whether its interesting. Since Meizu is unclear about a lot of things, e.g. when the white Meizu is available for ordering, I am a little bit skeptical.

Well looked a bit further into EFOX-shop and it suggests that it is a German company. But so far as I can see, they are not, they are just another china based website with a german website. I read some reviews and they just send the phones from china, so you risk the payment of taxes, long delivery times and relatively bad customer services, because the shop is not “next door”.

When I compare the prices with the prices I know e.g. for Xiaomi products, these are just the prices like on other china based websites. If a german company wants to earn some money and do it the legal way by importing them into Germany, they should cost around 1.5 times the prices offered at .

And for the rest, its a name scam, EFOX is also the name of big wholesale company in Germany who delivers only to other companies and not to consumers. I heard from them already 10 years ago and these are not the same people as

As i already reported here:
im not happy that EFox-shop now handels Germany for Meizu.
I think Meizu does not know what they do to the brand name because of this.

All that eFox does is sending the phones still from china to germany or if u lucky to the german warehouse.
If you read on the page for answers to questions, you can actually see they often use bad translated german. There will also no real advancement when buying from them. For repairs you have to send it back to china.

Well time will tell how good this works out.
I would have prefered to open Meizu Stores here.
Would be good to know if i import from some other shop if i can still send it to efox for repair if i need to. Or in gerneral all Meizu products i have.

Actually i cant really tell since i never dealt with you before. I only read in different forums about Efox-shop.
I had already some questions in the other post.
1. If i have a defective Meizu product can i send it to Efox for repair, even if i bought it not from EFox ?
2. Does Efox pay tax in Germany when selling a phone ? Since the main office is in China i would assume not.
3. Can i send a Meizu Item for repair back to the german wharehouse or do i need to ship it back to china ?
4. Where can i see you are the most succesfull onlineshop for the german market ? Since i never ordered from you but from other vendors its not true from my point of view.
5. When you will have the MX3, MX4 and MX4 Pro in stock at the german warehouse and how many and fast you get new ones back in stock ? Actually i see no MX3 or 4 in stock since weeks. I dont see a Xiaomi phone in german Warehouse either.

First of all EFox is NOT the official distributor for the German market! I know that Meizu signed a NDA (pre-agreement, a non-disclosure agreement) with the biggest IT distributor in Poland. EFox is allowed to sell Meizu products to the German market but the prices are quite high + everything will be sent from China. RMA services will be handled in China, so fixing a device might take months. Oh and I forgot to mention that EFox is quite famous in Germany for being the worst online shop ever. Support sucks, sending different models or even totally different brands are only a few issues. I heard of people not receiving their orders at all. EFox just shut down the web site and registered a new one instead of solving these problems.



I think Meizu should get rid off eFox as fast as possible. Of course they are doing better now than before, but their image is heavily damaged, actually so bad that it is not recoverable.

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