Flyme OS stable (m1 note)

@NicoRoma90 not on the m1 note though. However, on my Pro 5 it works properly. Otherwise, if you are happy with your current firmware you should stay.


Size seems to be the same of the last beta

In my opinion there’s an error

This is the link for stable:

Indeed it download the update zip for: Flyme beta 2017-05-22

Just tried

@Rey yep me too.

But if you download it and then install it, it’s the last beta indeed.

Also size is the same of last beta.


@NicoRoma90 strange. Maybe I did a mistake when I copied the link. I will veryify this and report back.
Thanks again for pointing it out.

You were right. I uploaded the wrong firmware.
Fixed it, sorry for the inconvenience.

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What about G version. The f*ck why ignore Global? In A version what language included?

Meizu m3s

“should be around july. If you want the full details here is the link: is” quote from @zoroflamingo

Languages include English and Chinese (not all apps are translated completely into english). Please use morelocale2 from playstore to install other languages. (correct me if I am wrong)

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Meizu m1

I have tried the new stable G version. From beta to stable in my m1 note. That’s great! battery improvement (two days with normal use). No problems. Very good. Thanks Meizu from Global users… Android version remain in 5.1 version but the performance is OK.

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