Flyme OS stable (m2 note)
Meizu Pro 6

@netzy should be around july. If you want the full details here is the link: is

Facebook crash with Flyme OS
Problem for long time ( flyme OS 4.5.2) with hotspot (has never worked on my phone)
I’ll go back on

This post is deleted!

Hello everyone,
Found a bug with contacts search. Contacts search works only in English. In Cyrillic it works only for the contact details - work or title fields.

Meizu m3s

This is a known issue with many languages, try use a custom dialer with contacts app that supports your language. You should be able to find one in google play. Remember to set the app as the default dailer.

Facebook crash with Flyme

I have the same issue. I install Facebook lite app. And it works fine.

How could I lock notification bar while on video or a fb game for example?

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