Flyme OS stable (m3 note)

Can’t root
tried everything.

I have just updated my Meizu 3 note to version, I can’t download apps from the google play store, It says download pending and never starts downloading. Please help. I have all the Google services installed.

Meizu m3s

This is usually cause by the download manager on your phone. Try wiping cache for this app. If this doesn’t​ work try reinstalling with cleardata.


Sometimes opening the Download app solves the issue as well.

@Somesh-Bhatti, are you logged into Flyme?

I solved the issue by reinstalling Google services.

Meizu m3 note

i am using m3 note L681H model one of the major problem is dont have 4g volte option, i try several Firmware G… not showing volte(hd), then try A Firmware but i can’t install its showing Firmware curropted
pls. help what can i do?


@sunilc global devices (m3 note only) are additionally locked and cannot be used with an A firmware.

Meizu m3 note

ok…then what can i do for volte function,???

this firmware is stable?
for version L or M?
is valid for global or chinese?

Meizu Pro 6

@alex7liberti chinese version. Stable.

But this firmware can I install it on my m3 note version M?

Meizu m3s

Yes, you can install it. After Flyme you can install it on L and M. There are no more firmware difference between L or M.

I have uploaded I ınstalled GMS installer from App Store and installed google services with that application. After the restarted there is an option which says open Google Play in GMS Installer but when I click it it says Checking info for a few seconds then it says Couldn’t sign in. There was a problem communicating with Google servers. Try again later.

What is the solution here? I can’t use any of Google applications until I solve this. Help me please.

Ps:I have attached screenshots.


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Did you tried cleaning the Data and Cache of the Google apps in the Settings?
Did you also tried to open the Download app once?

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