Flyme OS stable (MX5)

Is this the Asian or the Global version?

Hello, i have meizu mx5 and the flyme , the chinise Version, but im from greece i need the Global version. i tried the method 2 of thies tutorial

that used to work to flyme 5, but with 6 does not work, cant find the location of the command that i need to write. Any suggestions?

If that does work then downgrade to flyme 5 and repeat the same procedure. I used the method that change the ID its the easiest way to to go from (A) to (G).

I tried this method when i was flyme 5 , sucesfully instaled the flyme 6, but i have problem with the storrage, didnt recognise my storrage, i couldnt open file manager, i couldnet open galery, not even camera , when i open camera i got message “no sd card found” but meizu mx5 does not have sd card slot!!! so i got problems with that method. then i downgrade it again to flyme 5 but A version, and with A i updated to flyme 6 A version with OTA, and then i couldnt do this method with terminal. How im gonna do it now?

Try to downgrade to 5(A). Every time you downgrade make sure you do a clean install (full wipe everything). I’m sure that if you do it you won’t have any problems changing the ID and installing global (G) version in flyme 5. Then when you install (G) version you go to the forum and download flyme 6 (G) and install it through the file manager again with a full wipe. here is a link for everything you need if you’re stuck

is there any tutorial on how to change the ID, Because if i try to install any G version through file manager i got firmware corrupt, only with terminal i successfully did it, but not with 6. Actually is there any tutorial on how to do that from begin? the whole process? i dont want to make any mistakes. i would appreciate it

I tried method 1 to change the ID, after reboot i tried to install from storage but i got firmware corrupt…why? I tried it 3 times, still firmware corrupt

After changing your ID you must download the flyme firmware and put it to the disk0_1500383277336_150038323695325471617.jpg then you go to files 0_1500383405775_15003833463911362200343.jpg you find the press it and make sure you press wipe contacts and app data 0_1500383524566_1500383510597663155154.jpg
If it says corrupted file then you should re-download the (G) firmware and repeat the procedure

Yes this is the procedure i follow, as u show to the picture, and i got firmware corrupt. So i should redownload the G version, i dont understand why if i re download it its going to work, because is the same file!!! but i will try!

Most of the times if you redownload the firmware it’s fixing the problem

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