Caller ID options?

I cant belive this. If I call somebody, my number will be hidden?! No enable/disable CALLER ID options?! Its a huge problem. :( (flyme 4.0.4U)


Changing Caller ID option was possible with earlier versions of Flyme, but now the menu seems hidden in Flyme 4.

Maybe the setting menu could be implemented back to life via FlymeXtras, @GreyGhost? :)


+1. We need this essential feature! I hope Meizu take notice… :(


Yeah i was hoping to add more stuff to FlymeXtras (hence the name :P)
But I’ve been extremely busy with “real life” last few weeks and it is going to get worse in the coming weeks. So I may not be able to look into it even if it is possible that is…


@GreyGhost that’s completely understandable. Meizu should fix it in the first place, not somebody from the community.

Try dialing *68 and some number.
This might enable your caller id,maybe it’s hidden by default or maybe it’s a bug from usim service center options

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So if I wanted to call for example 1234567890, the I would type *681234567890 to maybe enable caller id? :) Thanks for the tip!


If you want your caller id enabled you need to dial *68 before the number you’re dialing to.
And if you want you caller ID hidden you can dial *67 before the number you’re dialing.

I found this caller id codes on wikipedia.
There are different codes for Europe,USA,Canada,China,Russia etc.
I think *68 is universal and I think it will work with European operators/carriers
but I’m not shure ,
I haven’t tested myself.

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Flyme 4.0.4i out, but still no caller ID options … Its frustrating. I allready contacted Meizu concerning this issue 2 weeks ago, so I hope they are working on a update.

@hougaard9340 4.1.1**

I dont know, my MX4 is on its way ;) But can anyone confirm? :)

Hey can anybody tell me how to save a received call number.


@‘Ranjan’ said:

Hey can anybody tell me how to save a received call number.

Go to call log - > Find the number-> Click on the ‘contact photo’ next to it (the box with the blank guy… Do not click on number) - > add to contacts.

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