Flyme OS stable (MX6)


Quite stable and ok. But I have a little problem with smart touch feature. In options, on previous versions I could change at slide down to open app options. Now this is missing, I need for some apps that don’t display the three vertical dots. Example: Cluj Bus app from google play. The app doesn’t display the app option menu and asks for update (menu->update). Menu missing. What can I do? Talk to developers to re-add that option?

The app is displaying the app menu on diff phones (example: sony xperia z1c, samsung s6)

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Chances that devs will re-add it by talking to them is relatively low as Flyme developers have their own head.
Maybe they forgot it, but then the next release would contain it.

Well, on Flyme 5 phone was charging faster. They worked on fast charging too, which is not so fast now :).

Any idea what this is? Screen attached.

alt text

Meizu Pro 6

@Mihnea_Perianu anything you did lately? And download and update manually maybe this will work as the update page says.

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