meizu ep 51 with zero bass is this a copy?

I bought the meizu ep 51 from gear best a few month ago and the sound is terrible zero bass i haven’t contacted there customer support because i didn’t know how this headphones was suppose to sound but now i read from many that the sound should be good make me curios i have tried it in my Sony z5 premium and one other phone and zero bass just treble is there anybody here how had some issue with this ones?


@joeibbe can you show us some pictures?
While it might be possible that you indeed received a fake, it can also be a faulty unit.

0_1496410152204_DSC_0270.JPG 0_1496410159105_DSC_0269.JPG
it looks like the one on the webpage is there some way to cheek if its original or not? and is there somne worranty that cover this ?


To be honest I am not an expert with Meizu headphones. However, from what I see they look pretty “normal”. Unlike Xiaomi, Meizu provides no way you could check their products for authentity (usually Meizu is not a frequently faked brand as Flyme system is hard to adopt).

Now to the warranty part:
As Meizu being Meizu, they provide no warranty to goods purchased from a non official retailer.
Therefore, I recommend you to get claim warranty over Gearbest, if you are able to I also recommend opening a PayPal dispute, but first you should try resolving it with them.

They look normal when i compare em with mine.
Did they come in a book like Box with a keeping case and additional earpegs?

There is a number sticker on the box, you can put in that number at the Meizu Homepage and check if they are original.

On a side note Meizu Speakers have no heavy bass they are balanced.

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