ONly home screen is accessable (meizu m3 note) i'm stuck in guest mode.

I recently updated my meizu m3 note from beta to
while flashing the update i wiped the data as well.
It seems all good after updating the phone, then few moment later mobile started acting weird or i guess its bricked.
suddenly all the settings and some of the app disappeared from my mobile.
I thought probably i should hard reset my phone and flash the firmware, but as i use the button combination (power + volume up) it wont go to recovery mode.
i have lost my recovery mode, whenever i try to do so i ended up with restarting my device.
i could not flash any firmware and i am getting less access to setting as well as apps.
Its bootloader is also locked so i cannot do anything from fastboot mode.
what m i supposed to do now.
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Try to go into the phone explorer and select the > more > open with
then you will have to choose between update and clear cache try to update from there and see what happen
You can also try a factory date reset from the settings>storage & backup

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@Vympel I tried factory data reset but now after resetting only language turn to chinese nothing else happened.
As i’m stuck in guest mode it won’t let me update my phone from phone explorer, i clicked but nothing good happen.
is there any way that i can flash the stock firmware from pc.
And sometimes as i’m in guest mode it doesn’t shows the internal storage now.
i’m bit confused now what’s happening n what m i suppose to do now

@GAURAV.S ADB/Sp Flash Tool are the only way to flash from PC but I never used them so I can’t really help you with that.


I removed a picture showing your IMEI and S/N. Please keep those private.

Now about your issue.
You can flash a firmware manually over the recovery.
To do so you need to have the in the root of your storage, meaning it is not in any subfolder (do not mess up with “/”).

Then you can shut the device off and boot into the recovery with Volume Up + Power. Here you can perform the flash.

@Rey Seems after the update he doesn’t have the recovery anymore

@Vympel SO anyways, Thanks for your kind support. :simple_smile:

@Rey Sorry i forgot to hide those IMEI and S/N after what all happens to my phone i got freaked out.
Regarding to the recovery i cannot access it, as my phone is in guest mode it won’t allow me to do so.
Every time i try hard reset it just reboots in guest mode.
I thought service center is the only option i’m left with but the nearest one is 580 mile away from my place.


@GAURAV.S no problem, its just for your own security. ;)

Maybe ask @Naphtha, he is offering unbricks for a couple of devices. Maybe he can guide you through it.

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