Meizu – A never ending game

True and thanks for your time.
Meizu give us flyme 6 which is worse and with more bugs than flyme 5 in the same LL version. their phones are start to be worse and worse since pro 5 with mid range cpu and cheaper material in the same price range.
I hope they will change their strategy again back to when they where a small but reliable company

The only acceptable excuse is that they would like to release a stable global firmware with Google certification inside in July. But you are right when you say that Meizu has lost a lot of time and ground in international market.

Well … saying that Flyme 6 is worse than Flyme 5 is going too far.
You need to admit that they introduced a lot of new features with flyme 6 even if there are some bugs.
Also Meizu didn’t switch the way they build their devices it all depend wich segment you buy.
If you buy an entry level sure you won’t have the top quality material and hardware that’s logical.
I personally sold my Pro 5 wich I consider to be a hell of a phone to buy the Pro 6 Plus and I can assure you that there are clear improvement in quality build and hardware aswell for a “reasonable” price considering the other flaghship.

People still complaining about this brands and about the software but they always forget one fundamental things.
This phone is made for the Chinese market and chinese people mainly. Meizu just took the oppourtunity to boost their sales and sell their phone outside by implementing multi lang and making global firmware but the amount of user who use it is clearly inferior to people who use it in China.
In this case don’t expect from Meizu to focus MAINLY on the global market wich actually aren’t so big for them.
Furthemore they are struggling in China aswell so no way that they can’t focus everywhere.

Outside that they are actually making many contracts with a lot of “physical distributor” in france to sell their devices so slowly but surely , one day everyone will probably get satisfaction from Meizu and Flyme.

The main problem I think for Meizu and flyme is the lack of dev outside China excepting a few who manage to make custom rom for some devices there are nothing consistent.
And also the popularity of the brand in general , few people know this brand therefore visibility is poor unlike Xiaomi
wich is way more popular but they don’t make better phones or software.

Meizu Pro 6

@Vympel i’m with you on that that one.
Flyme 6 introduce a lot of useful things. My friends that use global firmwares are dying to get flyme 6 as they see it on my phone.
And don’t forget that out of the 22 million meizu phones sold, only 2 were out of china so yeah it’s not so popular as xiaomi and huawei outside of china.
And quality is way better than it used to be. I changed from m2 note to pro 6 and it was way different. And m5 note is also way better in quality than m2 note.
Imo meizu need to be like apple and one plus by having a few phones out every year and not a lot of variations of the same family.

@χρηστος-βλιαλης said in Meizu – A never ending game:

True and thanks for your time.
Meizu give us flyme 6 which is worse and with more bugs than flyme 5 in the same LL version. their phones are start to be worse and worse since pro 5 with mid range cpu and cheaper material in the same price range.
I hope they will change their strategy again back to when they where a small but reliable company

Πού τα είδες παλικάρι αυτά που λες;
Χειρότερο το 6;

Did you even bother to check in detail the Flymeos 6?

When you still have the same bugs as before and only update the useless china application and make a few improvements in the toolbars G firmware is just a joke but now is Flyme “6” i consider this worse yes and that’s me so don’t get angry is just my thoughts
Peace Out


Let me add my mustard to @Vympel :

I agree on that one. Flyme 6 introcuded good features, however at the same time managed to make things worse. My criticism isn’t only based on my personal opinion, but also on the chinese community one. They are just as upset as we are.

Meizus build quality is still nowhere near as it was 3 years ago. Instead they managed to get a heavy decrease in quality ending on an all time low with the MX4 Series and the m1 note.
Getting to your point of overseas market, there is another issue. Since around 2 years Meizu promised to improve their strategy and open up new offices. Instead nothing has been done since then, except - you guessed it - promisses.
How do you comment on the fact that Meizu used to be a top 5 distributor in China a few years ago? This shows a clear missmanagement if you ask me.

Talking about the popularity in general it is as I said. The community in Europe has been bigger and more active than now.
Also I think no one wants to adopt an OS with more major flaws than everything else released so far.

Its undeniable that Meizu is doing worse than ever before. Flyme 4 and the MX4 were pretty bad (software and build quality sided -> improved later on), but Flyme 6 managed to surpass everything. As I said many times before. The MX3 was the last real Meizu device with an actual usable firmware.

Or what do you think about not receiving your notifications on time?
In my case it went so far that I saw myself forced to use a custom rom on my Pro 5. Otherwise daily usage would have been almost impossible.

The way I see it - correct me if I am wrong - is that you guys might have missed the old times and you can be sure that I am not glorifying those as I still use a MX and MX3 on a regular basis and therefore have actual reference and experience.
Which leads me to the actual issue, instead of concetrating on the unique design and usage, Meizu turned itself to an entirely profit driven company without any customer care (even their distributors are known for weak customer support).

I mean its not even possible to get your device repaired, if you have not bought it from a Meizu retailer in the EU. You cannot even pay them to repair it (they deny it overall). Furthermore Meizu is not even capable to get a device fixed, if its in the EU. There once was a case of a guy waiting for 2 months for having his display repaired and then gets called that the part cannot be delivered.

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They suffer for sure from a clear missmanagement and I think they are trying to get back on the track.
I recently read that they hired the former president of THL who worked for Huawei and Samsung.
Also they are making new organisations inside the company they split it in 3 divisions.

  • Meizu Brand
  • Blue Charm
  • Flyme

And they try to get better implementation such as in France, so clearly things are moving slowly but surely.
About build quality it seems that is mostly the low-mid range who are affected by it and I won’t talk about it because
I used as I said a Pro 5 , Pro 6 , Pro 6 Plus.
Therefore I don’t have any point of view on other different range.
Now if you consider that in those 3 models the build quality is crap i’am missing something and especially for the pro 6 who play if not at the same level closely with the build quality of an Iphone.

I’am with you on the delayed notifications had the same problem with my Pro 5 it’s due to the agressive battery management from Flyme.
But I don’t have this issue on the pro 6 plus wich show that they messed up to fix it in others devices.

Concerning the repair in the EU it’s quite normal aswell if you don’t buy it from an official retailer nothing force them to take any cost to repair the devices even if you are up to pay all.
It would be exactly the same way if for example Samsung or any other brand had not an international warranty.

They would just say that you are not covered by the terms etc …
But most of new models are available on amazon like the pro 6 plus , u 10-20 , pro 6 , m3s, m5 (…) and you won’t have any issue to get you reparation because of the EU laws.

Anyway let’s just hope they will do better things in the future for myself I’m stick with their devices because they are one of the few brands who have truely amazing audio and hardware is also good =D

Btw as I know you always say there is not enough meizu models , they released a new M5C :)

N.B : Rumors say they will make a collaboration with Nokia who will use flyme and mback.

Meizu Pro 6

@Rey It is a bit hard to take you serious with comments like this:

" The MX3 was the last real Meizu device with an actual usable firmware."

which is obviously not true. You seem to really be mad at Meizu for some reason?!

Edit: I still love my Pro 6. Both the HW quality and Flyme.

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Then it simply seems like you have never understood what Meizu was actually about.

At the time the first MX came out, Meizu was mostly known for its MP3/MP4 players. This changed with the M9 though.

Furthermore the brand has been associated with an extremely high build quality (software and hardware sided), just like individualism and customer care. One of the best examples is the MX. Not only it was build entirely in Meizuy own factory, but it came with an unseen design. While some claimed it was an iPhone clone, it has been undeniable that the home button and Flyme OS were entirely unique and contained features only found in Meizu devices/Flyme OS.

Support sided Meizu took way more care than nowdays. When I once discovered a bug it got fixed within the next update. Yes, you have read right. Updates fixed bugs back then. Furthermore, I once even had a warranty case, so I sent my device to China. Within 3 days Meizu fixed my device entirely for free and shipped it back with DHL Express, causing the phone to arrive within 18h (China-Germany) on front of my doorstep.

The trend continued with the MX2 and Flyme 2.0, just like the MX3. While many people say that the MX3 is just a bigger MX2, I think its also a hardware upgrade. Nonetheless, at the begining of the MX2 and MX3 there were software issues. However, Meizu managed to fix both Flyme 2 and 3 within a few weeks.

However in 2014 most of the staff has been acquired by LeEco, Smartisan, Xioami and Co., Meizu seems like its falling apart (literally).
At the time the MX4 and MX4 Pro came out it happened that there were severe quality issues. Camera glasses broke out of nowhere, because of a missdesign. Screens felt out of frames. It was a disaster and if that wasn’t bad enough, Meizu said there would be no customer support for devices bought on AliExpress from a 3rd party retailer. Instead the devices should have been bought from an official retailer for at least twice the price.

Flyme 4 introduced minor bugs, like the notification issue. Design sided many start feeling like kids, but nevermind, thats just a personal opinion and not a fact. What concerns me was that there was no fix from the 1st Flyme 4 firmware until the last for the bugs. Additionally, thanks to Meizu Italy, Meizu removed all multi language settings from their Chinese firmwares. Seems like someone realized no one with a real brain would be a product for the price he could get the product twice.

Personally this was the time when I broke with Meizu. HondaRacer - our co-founder - at the same time was working at the Meizu HQ. Instead of supporting Meizufans he rather sticked to his own interests and wanted to delete Meizufans and give Meizu the domain.
He said (original quote): “Everything is cancer on Meizufans.”

I locked him and Meizu out of the site and continued service like before. However, only a week later I found Meizufans sabotaged. So I had to rework the site entirely and built it up on a new platform. Hatred continued until I leaked internal information to BBK (Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus) and Huawei.

Then Flyme 5 came out, later on the Pro 5, which I am using today. While the Pro 5 itself is great, I have to complain about Flyme 5. Notifications often did not arrive. The drawer is horrible. All icons have been sized like they were made for a 6 year old (app name bug). All together it looked like a Flyme 4 remake.

Now we are with Flyme 6 and face the same issues as with Flyme 4 and 5. Notifications do not arrive, no support is given, nothing.

Maybe this explains what I meant. I am not saying that the Pro 6 or Pro 6 Plus with their faked benchmarks (yes, its approved) are bad. But at the same time you have to keep in mind that your device is only as good as its software.

About the statement regarding devices. I never said that. Actually thats the main issue. They release more devices than they could already manage.

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@Rey I was ironic about the amount of devices released indeed they make too much release.
Yes I know the benchmark are faked but to be honest It doesn’t bother me even a little.
As long as the phone works properly i’am fine (Smart Cover is not working excepting that I have nothing disturbing.)
Concerning your experience with the customer service , I think it was more like a “privilege” of your work and investment into this community .
I’am quite sure if I had the same issue they would never repair it and furthemore send it by DHL all free of charges.
If they would make it for everyone they go bankruptcy very quickly.
May I ask why did you let leak informations ?


@Vympel I do not think so. Back then Meizufans wasn’t even founded (this was 2012).
The reason for my leak is Meizu’s arrogance. Me and others tried numerous times to talk with Meizu about their issues. Of course they know that their chinese users are everything else than satisfied, however we thought that a brand which is “expanding” (as said, no improvement since 2 years) might need a little help. I tried it the polite way and even used my contacts to a distributor who approached me regarding Meizu (they hoped I could get them an official to talk with).

Nonetheless all what the Meizu employees did was to let us way. Ironically some of them even left Meizu shortafter and then complained about the bad working conditions and how unorganized everything is.

HondaRacer once said it this way: “It doesn’t matter what you do. If you do not work, they will just move you to another department, even if you are not qualified.”

@Rey Quite interesting all this debate !


@Vympel I wrote 2 articles about it. They are indeed personal and so can be seen as unprofessional, but at least it sums up most of the facts:

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