Flyme 4.0.4A test firmware (MX2)

Not only the MX4 Pro was announced yesterday, Meizu also released Flyme 4.0.4A for the MX2!

Flyme 2, Flyme 3 this upgrade requires clear all data (including user data such as messages, contacts, notes, and photographs, music, video, installation packages, data storage, disk), needed to upgrade, please be sure to back up data. After successful update unable to fall back to the Flyme 2 firmware or Flyme 3.


  • Stressed that the upgrade will erase all the data again, unable to downgrade.
  • The current version has not yet been achieved: voice Assistant, IME flying voice input, use guide function.
  • Sneak peek version MX2 users are already in use to update this version need to clear user data, no need to format the disk.

Flyme OS 4.0.4A

Flyme OS 4.0.4A

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Perhaps I miss understood but I’m running, is this version 4.0.4A better than the beta that I’m using?



this is
The only diffrence is between the leak and this that the leak was a closed beta and this an open one.
However, if you have time I would recommend to backup your apps and then flash this version with a full wipe.

I can not find the function:
Disable, delivery notification sms?

@'duca said:

I can not find the function:
Disable, delivery notification sms?

there are news ?? :( plssssssssssss

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