Flyme OS beta (m3 note)

Sir I had installed this update. There is a problem, I’m not able to make calls through Volte 4G and I’m using Jio4G voice call application to make calls before I was using this update. But after the update it says that “use the phone dailer to use calls” but when I try to make calls it doesn’t work.
So please help me it’s very important for me to make calls through 4G Volte.
Thank You.0_1495705627981_S70525-151457.jpg

What is G L M?
I don’t understand.

Sir, as per the guidance I had done the whole procedure and I got the “hd” icon, but it doesn’t remain for long time after few hours it again disappeared and I tried to bring back by restarting my phone but the result was the same I didn’t got back.
So kindly please help me.
Thank You. 0_1495770099873_S70526-09070499.jpg

dear friends:
meizu m3 note will automatically turned on volte. but its currently volte not in global version i am using Chinese beta, and it support volte for jio.
follow steps:
1.use jio sim
2.put in second slot (sim 2)
3.ims apn setting (search in flyme forum)
4.turn on volte in sim & network setting
5.when you turn off mobile
must you disable jio sim ( sim 2)
6.turned on mobile then enable jio sim ( sim2)

if still not comes hd icon switch data for other sim and return back to jio then volte automatically comes
no need to go engineering mode

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