Flyme OS beta (MX6)

Will we ever see a global version for Flyme 6?
I use MX6 ( and I have started to get requests for updates to a new version which is all in Chinese. I am afraid to download the updated as it doesn’t look like a global version.

Пользуюсь бетта версией несколько дней пока всё норм,а те кто ругают мейзу за то что нет русского языка,так есть русификаторы смартфона.

Meizu Pro 6

@Rey i prefer to give him the full statement. But yeah it’s kinda a cheap answer.😁

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Does any of you know if the notification bug will be solved in the next global Flyme update?
Right now most of the time I can’t get Gmail of WhatsApp notifications, I have to open the app in order to received any of the messages that are waiting for me.


@zenbaga this is an old issue to be honest. All this drama about notifications started with Flyme 4 and hasn’t been properly fixed since then. What you can try as of now is to allow the apps to run in background over the Security center (there is a permissions tab). I played around with my settings there and managed to receive around 70-80% of all messages on time. Thats still not a real fix, but better than no notifications at all.

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