Install Android on MX4 Ubuntu Edition


How do I install Android on a MX4 Ubuntu Edition?

I have the SP Flash Tool, but I get this error: BROM ERROR : S_STORAGE_NOT_MATCH (3182)

So I guess I have the wrong version of the firmware.

Is there a guide how to install Android?

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/ Rasmus


I don’t want to flash Ubuntu on my phone.

I want to flash Android/Flyme OS to it.

But it’s a Ubuntu Phone, so I need to completely reinstall it.

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/ Rasmus

Thanks for your reply Scorpiony Knight!

I could not find some of the files on the side you linked to.

I tried flashing with the help of spflashtool and a scatterfile, but it seams like version 5 do not work with MX4.

I wounder if there’s a way to translate a scatterfile for version 5 to version 3 which should work according to some pages.

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Meizu m3s

Scatter file is based on the chip it is using (different chip have different partition sizes). I found a very good post on XDA but all the links to img are dead. But if you scroll down you will find a scatter for MX4.

Personally I would find a MX4 recovery.img and flash it, then using a official to install flyme. Wouldn’t suggest using sp flash tool to flash firmwares instead using root and flashing it through terminal.

Thanks again! Scorpiony Knifet

I have seen that thread too.

Is it enough to flash a recovery.img and with the help of fastboot? (Could it be that simple?)

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Meizu MX4

Download this factory rom for your MX4 ( android 4.4.4):!IpNW3BCJ!fwdenoRjijpJ6JQHZVI6PHDd15mB3ycc8mZMNfJGLug

Download this SP Flash Tool version:!MkVCHIYS!4DTJ283nyZWxLmrjQbXlN2ellmTZ7uzojQ9Q23xRDSc

Unpack all------>Turn off your phone----> Open sp flash tool—> Select the scatter file from factory folder-----> Select “Firmware upgrade” on sp flash tool----> Click on “Download” and plug in the microUSB on your phone at the same time push and hold "Volume - " .

When the process start, leave the volume button. When the process is finished, the next step is flash the recovery ( via fastboot : fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

After this, just go in recovery and flash the (yes, you can flash an flyme 6 beta from TWRP).

Hello Naphtha!

Thanks I will try this when I get home from work!

Best Regards

Hello again!

Unfortunately the firmware upgrade fails.

I have tried under both Windows (7) and Linux (Ubuntu 17.04).

This is what’s happening, it downloads. (I get the red progress bar.)

Then it say that it’s waiting, but nothing happen. (I have waited for 40 minutes at most.)

If I unplug the phone I get this error:


[EMI] Enable DRAM Failed!
Please check your load matches to your target which is to be downloaded.)((ConnectDA,…/…/…qt_flash_tool/Conn/Connection.cpp,127))

I don’t understand why I get this error or how to fix it.

Naphtha I used the exact files and followed your instructions.

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Meizu MX4

try to push download on sp flash tool but without" Voume -". just plug in the phone (leave him turned off).


I will try that when I come home.

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I tried to install the scatter file yesterday, but sadly failed once more.

If I don’t press the volume down button on the phone while plugging in the micro USB cable nothing happens.

I read about someone having the same problem, the person in question managed to solve it by using version 3 of spflashtool, but that version don’t load the scatter file for me (complains about the name).

Best Regards

Meizu MX4

@mrzzarr can you please share an screenshot of the error and how is recognized the phone in “device manager”? Is strange, because 3 weeks ago i buyed an mx4 ubuntu touch for my girlfriend and i’m able to flash this firmware :)


I will do that when I come home.

(I’m am at work as usual.)

Best Regards

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