(Guide) Desired languages in apps with "A" chinese rom.

Hello all,
I found a very good way to have desired language in apps with chinese rom, here what your need:

  1. A Chinese rom rooted and with xposed installed,
  2. Install xposed app locale module from xposed app or google play and activate it.
  3. Reboot phone, open app locale, set up your desired per app language and enjoy.
    It works for user apps and mostly of the system app.
    Good luck!
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@mits there is a more convenient way. Just get morelocale2 from the Play Store. No need for Xposed.

Yes, MoreLocale from Store is more convenient if you want to change language globally not per app as I want.


While this is something I always thought about - what are the benefits of doing so?

For me, except google maps and few other apps, that I needed in my mother language, for rest I founded in english more better (natural) translated, in my language are translated unnatural and incomplete.
Is true, I understand and speak english a bit.

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