Xiaomi Mini Wifi AC Router

I recently bought the Mini Wifi Router from Xiaomi.
If you look around you can get it for a really nice price.
The router can be used as normal router or Repeater/Access point.
It has 1 WAN and 2 Lan ports,USB port and Wifi ac.
It looks nice and works pretty good with strong signal.

The downside of it the GUI is entirely in chinese and the WAN/LAN ports are only 100MBit fast etherent.

So in general you cant really get mutch advance out of the AC Wifi.

Its actually better to use Wifi on devices then connect em to this router.

In my case i want to use it for some wired IP cams to connect to my network over Wifi.
Since thouse only have 100MBit too its ok for me.
I can also think its ok to use it like a repeater to expand range or use a LTE USB Stick and connect to router with Wifi.
Every other use is kinda pointless and the AC Wifi seems wasted.
Anyway Xiaomi sells thease pretty cheap, so if u in need of a repater they pretty good.
The chinese gui you can translate with chrome.

Meizu MX4

I got the Xiaomi Mni AC Router, I absolutely love it! The range is absolutely mental rivalling the very expensive routers easily! It costs like 1/10 of the price of these routers. Yes the 100MBit ethernet port is not amazing but the wifi range is just too good. Use it as a repeater if you like.

Well that router is still unable to repeat 5Ghz Wifi, so basicly its a crappy router.

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